6 FEET DOWN is a French band delivering a mix of RockNroll/Psychobilly since 2003. The powerful of David’s doublebass coupled with the wicked rythms of Seb, explode with Gerald’s voice and melodies.

illus_bioIn 2002 Gerald on guitar and Beber on drums started to play in a Happy Drivers cover. After this short experience, both decided to continue to play together and were searching for a slapbassist, found as David and met at a Mad Sin gig in Bordeaux in November. So in early 2003 the new born band started to play something close from Danish psychobilly sound, because very influenced by bands like Nekromantix and Godless Wicked Creeps.

Follows several gigs and many songs were written before finding their own style, melodic but explosive. The guys recorded a 7 tracks demo in 2006 to promote their music. From this demo also follows 2 releases of the song “Not Alive” in two Spanish and English compilations, making the band more known in the European psychobilly scene. It’s the beginning of more interesting gigs and travels like in Spain, Belgium and farther….in Sweden.

In result of all these years of experience was recorded in 2008 the 1st album “One Night in Hell”. But just before the release in 2009, Beber left 6 Feet Down in reason of internal problems in the band. Follows from this leaving a doubt period, Gerald and David didn’t see the future of the band and decided to look for a new drummer and create a new band with more different rock influences.

In September 2009, Jordan joins David and Gerald to play new material, different from 6 Feet Down. But with several gigs request as 6 Feet Down and a name already known, the guys decided to keep 6 Feet Down as their only band and started to compose the next album. In parallel the guys worked to make the 1st album available. Done in 2010 with the release of “One Night In Hell” on the famous German label Crazy Love Records. 11 powerful psychobilly songs made of pure 6 Feet’ music style. Then the guys continue to play their music wherever they can and for the first time in England at the Bedlam Psychobilly Festival, in 2011.

In 2012, with more musical and human experience, the band decided to record a 2nd album. Full of new sounds, influences and hard work, this new album called “Strange” saw the light in early 2013 with the help of a new collaborator named Wolverine Records. Because of an economic impossibility to release something else with Crazy Love Records, the 6 Feet’ decided to look for another label and then work with the German label Wolverine Records. Sascha Wolff helped the band and made a good promotion of “Strange”, including songs on compilations. The album had good reviews all over Europe and then the band goes to play a first gig in Germany during the year and after so many time spent in making his own music.

But in Dec.2013, Jordan left the band because of his impossibility to take more time to play with the band, due to family and job. Nevertheless it was 4 years of exciting adventures… But 6 Feet Down didn’t want to stay on a departure then what’s the best thing to do ?….find a new drummer of course !! Then one month later Seb arrived on drums, full of high experience, motivation and determination. After a few weeks of work and practice, to play at future gigs planned in France/Germany/Netherlands, the band starts to compose the 3rd album.

After not bad past compromising and turning, the trio enters studio at the beginning of 2016 to record. Putting more ways and to help new collaborators as Nicotep of the Hermetic Garage, the group does everything to win in quality and in power on this new album. Entitled « Guns and Glory » he reflects perfectly the orientation of the group which want to make more, stronger and without concessions. A guest also makes its appearance on the title Bleeding Bastard « , Mr Shuman (Hellscrack/Chernobilly Boogie) puts its hoarse voice on this unhealthy title and cowboy-esque. It remains only to spread « Guns and Glory » as far as possible!! See you soon on stage to discover him.